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As a responsible organisation, we take the responsibility for the impact on all aspect of our society, community and environment. We are eager to contribute in making the society greener and healthier by operating ethically. By accepting the Social responsible initiatives, we motivate our employees to make a difference through their jobs. By taking active participation in CSR projects in and around the city, our employees feel the difference they make by their contributions. We initiate small sessions with our employees wherein we interact with them and share ideas. As a consumer centric organisation, we also share the CSR initiative and practices we undertake with our clients. We keep them informed about the local programs in which we contribute. We are the pioneers in taking various CSR initiatives in the equestrian industry in Kanpur. We are sure this will continue and we are obliged to work for the community and society.

Health and Safety

We take pride in our responsibility towards employees, clients and environment. With our constant efforts, we have build trust and reputation with our clients along with our employees, vendors and other people related to our company. We are at par with the rapid technological changes happening in the manufacturing industry. We take a proactive approach to monitor, check and update the existing safety standards within our manufacturing premises. The machinery, equipments along with the fire safety devices is been maintained and periodically checked by the third-party resources. All the reports are been documented properly and stored.


We comply with the local, state, national as well as International laws and regulations related to health and safe working environments. Continuous improvements are been made to minimize the environmental impacts done through the manufacturing units. We have a strict policy enforced on the below areas:


Child Labour

We follow a very stringent policy and discourage child labour at all levels. We have a strong vetting process while inducting employees in the company.

Labour Welfare

We indulge and comply with all the labour welfare laws in our state. Additionally we ensure that our employees get the benefits of the labour rules.

Eco friendly chemical

The chemical used at our manufacturing plant is been approved and certified. The quality of the chemical is 'eco-friendly' and we ensure that the industrial wastes are also properly disposed and not left in the open environment.

Industrial hygiene

We follow a scientific approach to anticipate and remove any hazardous conditions that are harmful for the health of the employees. The employees have been educated about how to maintain Industrial hygiene in our premises. Procedures and preventive measures are been taken in case we notice any deviation from the standard policy.